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7-14-28 Agapanthus fertilizer

We have been successfully selling a fertilizer that is very suitable for Agapanthus for years. Our fertilizer is purchased throughout the Netherlands and Belgium for the cultivation of Agapanthus. It is a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 7-14-28 . This means that the potassium content is relatively high compared to nitrogen. Too much nitrogen in the fertilizer causes leaves to form and that is in principle not desirable. After all, you bought an Agapanthus for the flowers.

Agapanthus and nutrition/care

In March the temperature will rise slightly and then it is a good time to give the first feeding. A little bit of nutrition every month is (is allowed). If you give approximately a tablespoon per plant, this is more than sufficient (depending on the pot size). It is best to mix the granules slightly into the top layer of the soil. Because you water, part of it will become available to the plant and each time you water, something will "sink" to the roots. You give the last feeding in September.

Provide an airy soil. You can do this, for example, by mixing your existing potting soil with perlite . Perlite (not to be confused with vermiculite) provides good drainage so that the roots do not remain too wet.

Still given food and no flowers?

You have given your Agapanthus special nutrition and yet no flowers have appeared? That is possible and there are several possible causes.

If you bought an Agapanthus in the store, you may have bought a plant that was grown from seed. The plant then needs a year to develop and there is a chance that the plant will put its energy into leaf formation. This causes the plant to grow a "body" so that the plant is strong enough to produce flowers later.

Another reason may be that the plant has not yet had a cold period. An Agapanthus needs a cold period to produce flowers. Perhaps the wintering was too warm. Finally, it may be that the Agapanthus does not get enough sun. The plant likes to be in the sun and shade causes delayed flower formation and/or may not even produce flowers at all!

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