Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are shipping costs charged for pallets + individual bags?

If you order a full pallet of potting soil, garden soil, compost or bark, it will be sent free of charge. If you also want to order a bag of lime with your order, shipping costs will be charged. This is because the pallets are in stock in another warehouse.

The fertilizers are sent by parcel service and unfortunately cannot be loaded on top of the pallets. The pallets also often become too heavy and exceed the maximum weight if too many bags are loaded. This is not safe for you and the driver.

Who is the owner of Agrifield BV?

The owner is Martijn Mellema and has been active in the potting soil and fertilizer industry since 1999. Martijn founded the webshop years ago and later bought the webshop The products from are in addition to the potting soil and garden soil items that are sold.