Combat horsetail with lava flour

Combat cat tail with lava flour

Horsetail (horsetail) is a weed that is difficult to control. It is a plant from the horsetail family that is also called field horsetail or loosestrife.

Horsetail is poisonous to certain plants and can also be poisonous to horses. The plant does very well on soil with a mineral-poor top layer and has deep roots that bring up minerals from deeper layers.

Horsetail can be controlled with mulching and/or lava flour. Lava flour is finely ground volcanic rock that is rich in silicon and other minerals that improve soil fertility and health. Lava flour also improves the structure of the soil and protects against pests and mold.

Lava flour is an excellent structure improver for soils with a high pH. Calcium improves the structure of the soil and silicon (silicic acid) has an acidifying effect. This releases bound phosphate in the soil, which has a positive effect on the growth of the plants.

The combination of calcium and silicon means that lava flour does not increase the pH of the soil. Silicon also strengthens the cell walls of the crop, which can help prevent mildew. DCM lava flour is a product that contains this combination of minerals.

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