Want to buy cow manure pellets or chicken manure pellets?

Buy cow manure in 20kg

Cow manure pellets are sold in 20kg bags and are easy to distribute over the grass or sprinkle on plants in the garden. It is a 100% natural product and is a slow-acting fertilizer.

Buy chicken manure pellets

But why is it better to use chicken manure pellets ? to buy instead of cow manure pellets? Both products are 100% natural products and the quantity in a bag is both 20kg. However, we recommend purchasing chicken manure pellets instead of cow manure pellets.

The reason is relatively simple. It has to do with the nutritional value present in the chicken manure pellets. Cow manure has a lower nutritional value, expressed in the NPK value: 3-2-3.5. Or 3% Nitrogen (N), 2% Phosphate (P) and 3.5% Potassium (K).

Chicken manure pellets contain the following NPK ratio: 4-3-3, or: 4% Nitrogen (N), 3% Phosphate (P) and 3% Potassium (K). So it contains more nitrogen and more phosphate than cow manure and slightly less potassium. The price of chicken manure pellets is also lower than that of cow manure. So you get more nutritional value for a lower price!

In the Netherlands we are used to spreading cow manure granules over the grass. This is something we have been doing for years. The chicken manure pellets had a bad name because the smell was somewhat stronger than that of cow manure. The association of Ammonia was linked to it and the chicken manure pellets were given a "bad name".

Nowadays, the factories that process chicken manure and cow manure are so professionalized with filters that these substances are carefully filtered off. So our advice is: feel free to buy the chicken manure pellets.

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