Sprinkle N23 fertilizer for a green lawn

Buy N23 for a green lawn

N23 stands for nitrogen (N) and 23 stands for the %. The N23 fertilizer therefore contains 23% nitrogen. This fertilizer is a very commonly used fertilizer by consumers for his/her turf.


KAS was often used for a green lawn. However, this may no longer be sold to private individuals and the N23 has become an excellent alternative. The KAS27 stands for Calcareous Nitrate and has a nitrogen percentage of 27%.

N23 is a brand?

N23 is a commonly used term for the fertilizer. We sell the N23 of the Triferto brand. Triferto is a major player in the field of fertilizers. Other brands (for example Welkoop) also sell the N23, but under the brand name Profijt N23 fertilizer. Check the % of the composition and you will see that they are comparable.

Fertilization schedule N23 fertilizer

Below you will see a schedule of how often you can use N23 for your lawn and/or border/vegetable garden. If you mow grass and dispose of these clippings in your compost bin or green bin, this causes the soil to become deficient in nutrients. Nitrogen is an essential element that the grass needs. By spreading N23 fertilizer you ensure that nitrogen is sufficiently available for the grass again.

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