Organic fertilizer granules - can be distributed with the spreader

Distribute organic fertilizer granules with the spreader

In the past, when you bought cow manure or chicken manure in bags, you always had to spread it by hand. The granules were too large to spread with a spreader and/or the spreader always got stuck. You then had to empty the machine again and the grains all ended up in a pile. Time-consuming and annoying job.

Now there is the Fertiplus granules or the Fertiplus crumb. This is an organic fertilizer that is crumbled, making it ideal for spreading with a hand spreader. So every private individual can now spread the organic fertilizer granules over the lawn. The big advantage of Fertiplus fertilizer pellets is that they are also certified organic.

The organic fertilizer granules come in a 20KG package, which makes it advantageous to also order 1 bag. The shipping costs will then be included in the standard rate and no surcharge will apply.

Organic fertilizer - it improves the soil!

By applying organic fertilizer you actually improve the soil. With fertilizer you "impoverish" the soil.

Organic fertilizers consist entirely of natural raw materials of plant or animal origin. They contain nutritional elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are released when soil organisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi break down the fertilizer granules. These microorganisms, also known as soil life, are present in the soil.

The benefits of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers have several advantages:

  • They provide an airy soil structure;
  • The use of organic fertilizers makes the soil healthier and more fertile;
  • Organic fertilizers are available to the crop for a longer period of time than chemical fertilizers;
  • Organic fertilizers - unlike chemical fertilizers - do not contain sodium (salts).

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