Peat pots biodegradable from Jiffy

Peat pots from Jiffy - what are peat pots and what makes them unique?

Peat pots are made from only natural materials. The peat pots are made of peat, lime and a type of paper. These materials are 100% organic and no other materials have been added. This is in contrast to other suppliers who also add (artificial) fertilizer. This is unnecessary for the peat pots because the cuttings/seeds are in potting soil and get their nutrition from it.
Peat pots are round or square and in different sizes.

Peat pots and rooting

The unique thing about the Jiffy peat pots and also the Jiffy peat strips (peat tray) is that they can be rooted. In other words: you do not have to remove the pot when you start potting or transplanting. The roots go through the wall of the peat pot very easily. The peat pot will also decompose slowly and be 100% absorbed by soil life. So no more plastic waste and no extra work! The other big advantage is that you do not damage the plant (roots) because you do not remove the pot. So no stress and damage because you damage the roots.

What is the difference between a peat pot and a swelling plug (Jiffy7)?

The Jiffy7 (swell plug) is a unique product. It is actually a pot and substrate in 1. The substrate (potting soil) is pressed into a kind of net. So the swelling plug is delivered dry in the form of a kind of dam disk. By adding water, the substrate will absorb the moisture and expand like a kind of sponge. Because the peat is a kind of net, it retains its shape and becomes approximately 3 cm wide (depending on the diameter).

During production, they have also taken into account a so-called "soft center" in the middle. So after the swelling plug has absorbed the water and is saturated, you can easily insert a seed or cutting into it. The material is a bit softer in the middle, making sowing or cuttings easier.

Just like with a peat pot, the wall (mesh) of the Jiffy7 is very easy for the roots to pass through (see photo). You can plant the plant with the swelling plug in one go.

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