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Peat-free potting soil and/or peat-free potting soil possible?

The demand for peat-free potting soil is increasing. And to get straight to the point... yes, peat-free potting soil is possible! But with a few caveats. We describe a few things you should pay attention to with a peat-free mix in this blog.

BIOMIX - peat-free and...

We sell the top brand BIOMIX as peat-free potting soil.

Biomix is ​​not only peat-free.....but we also do not use artificial fertilizer for this peat-free mix. The Biomix is ​​therefore a peat-free AND organic potting soil.

Replacing peat and using an organic fertilizer instead of artificial fertilizer is not in itself a problem. Only the physical and chemical properties of the potting soil are completely different! That is why we would like to mention a few points of interest at the beginning of this blog:

Water retention capacity

Peat has enormous water retention capacity. It can (depending on the type of peat) hold up to 7 times its own weight in water. The peat ensures that the water is retained and slowly released to the plants (roots). This is not only water-saving but also convenient. You give a lot of water and the peat absorbs the water and releases it gradually.

Because the peat is no longer incorporated into the potting soil, this property disappears less or even worse. This means that the watering (frequency) will be different and you should take that into account!

pH buffer

Peat in combination with lime ensures a good to very good stable pH. Despite soil treatments, fertilizers and/or root activity, the pH will not change much during cultivation (in your pots). This is because the buffering effect of peat is very good with regard to acidity.

This will be different if peat is no longer included in the potting soil mix. Other raw materials that can be used as a replacement (wood fibre, compost and/or coconut) will react differently than the peat component.

NPK release

The artificial fertilizer has been replaced by an organic fertilizer. The release of the elements is slower and that in itself is pleasant. In any case, it is advisable to choose a fertilizer that releases the elements slowly. Professional growers want to grow faster - but for private individuals this is not necessary. The other big advantage is that an organic fertilizer does not leach out as quickly as a chemical fertilizer. Also more favorable!

No disadvantages with a peat-free potting soil?

Are there any disadvantages at all with a peat-free mix? Yes certainly....

Unfortunately, the prices of the raw materials are considerably higher than peat. As a result, the purchase price of peat-free (and in our case also organic peat-free potting soil) is higher than a standard universal potting soil. We are also more conservative with the storage period of the peat-free mix. Because we use a biological fertilizer, the duration of action is more variable than a synthetic fertilizer. In other words - we produce the Biomix in not very large stocks and therefore cannot gain a production advantage by running large batches. As a result, the cost price is also somewhat higher than the large quantities of universal potting soil that we make.

Curious about this beautiful peat-free and organic potting soil? And/or want to know more about which organic fertilizer we use? We can tell you much more about the biomix potting soil - please let us know and we will be happy to tell you about it!

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