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Buy vermiculite for the vegetable garden mix

If you are planning to start vegetable gardening, making a homemade vegetable garden mix is ​​not very difficult. In addition to peat (peat moss) and compost, we also recommend mixing vermiculite.

Peat has a low pH and contains no fertilizers. At least not good peat! It is best to take a white peat, such as Florentus peat moss. Mix compost in the same proportion. The ratio is quite important to make a good potting soil for your vegetable plants. Compost has a high pH and contains many nutrients. By mixing these 1 to 1 you get a good ratio of fertilizers and acidity (pH).

Vermiculite in a vegetable garden mix

But you wonder what the added value of vermiculite is in a vegetable garden mix. The vermiculite (no 3/medium) ensures that the mixture becomes slightly airier. That is not the main reason for mixing vermiculite.
Vermiculite (also called vermiculite) ensures that nutrients are bound and these are then gradually released to the plant root. It also retains water.

Vermiculite and quality mark RHP

The vermiculite that we sell in the online store is RHP certified. This means that it has a quality mark that is used in professional horticulture. It means that the production of the vermiculite is controlled and the product itself is free of germs and weeds. Very safe with a vegetable garden mix!

Mix vermiculite with peat and compost

What is the ratio of peat, compost and vermiculite? It is often said 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3. However, this is not completely necessary because 1/3 part vermiculite does not do any harm - but then the vegetable garden mix becomes very expensive. Also not completely necessary and we recommend mixing 20% ​​first. Then you can make an easy vegetable garden mix. You can always add more vermiculite later if you are not completely satisfied with the mix!

Fertilize vegetable garden

You can mix the vegetable garden mix with your own compost and/or add compost to maintain the nutritional value. If desired, you can also fertilize with organic fertilizer pellets . Of course, these also have the required quality marks so that you can safely grow your own vegetables.

Good luck growing!
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