When to spread lime?

Lime is important for the maintenance of your lawn and border. By spreading clack in the winter months you ensure that the turf has the correct pH in the spring. Lime is necessary to increase the pH of the soil.

NB: Lime is not a fertilizer , it only ensures that the pH increases and this makes your plants and grass better able to absorb the fertilizers you give in the spring.

September to November are the months when you can spread lime. The lime also ensures that the moss cannot develop as well. Sprinkle lime annually to keep your lawn and border in top condition.

Sprinkle lime with magnesium

In our webshop we sell lime with extra magnesium. This immediately gives your lawn a beautiful, fresh green color. The lime is packed in 25kg packaging and is in granular form. This makes it easy to spread and does not drift away. It is ideal to spread it with a spreader. You will then get a nice distribution of the lime granules on your turf.

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