When to spread cow manure granules?

The cow manure granules are a very good organic fertilizer for your garden. Because the nitrogen is bound, there is minimal leaching. This is in contrast to artificial fertilizers. The fertilizer will leach out during a heavy rain shower and/or watering. This is in contrast to cow manure pellets!

The cow manure pellets have been composted, which means that there are no longer any pathogens and weeds present. So you only bring the good properties of the organic fertilizer into your garden or lawn. By adding organic material you promote soil life and thus indirectly the disease-resistant capacity of your soil.

When to spread cow manure granules?

It is best to spread the cow manure granules when rain is expected or when you are going to spray the lawn/border with (spring) water. The organic cow manure granules can be used for any soil type and in any season. We do not recommend fertilizing cow manure pellets when there is frost in the ground.

Are you going to create a new garden? Sprinkle approximately 1 kg per 2 m² and rake the granules into the existing soil. When planting new shrubs or moving them, it is best to sprinkle ½ kg of granules in the planting hole. You must also thoroughly mix the existing soil with the organic cow manure granules.

Application of cow manure granules

Our cow manure pellets are ideal for lawns, ornamental gardens, borders, bulbous and tuber plants, vegetable gardens, roses, potted plants & fruit trees.

It improves the soil structure and moisture retention capacity due to the high organic matter content. It provides a fertile soil life and provides natural enrichment to the soil to keep the soil permanently in balance. The cow manure pellets have an NPK (N=Nitrogen, P=Phosphate and K=Potassium) value of 3-2-3.5.

Do you want to use a spreader to spread the granules? Then it is better to opt for the crumb variant. This is a new product, especially for use in handheld cleaners. This product is an organic fertilizer pellet and has a very favorable NPK ratio (better than cow manure pellets). Of course also composted and disease-free! Click here to view the product: organic fertilizer granules (crumb).

Composted cow manure pellets - a qualitative difference!

Our cow manure pellets are composted. This is a natural process in which living organisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.) convert fresh organic material under controlled oxygen-rich conditions into a stable and humus-rich product.

By adding cow manure granules to the soil, the organic matter content is maintained or increased. The nutrients are released gradually so that losses due to rinsing, for example, are minimal. If you invest in a soil by applying cow manure pellets every year, you will be rewarded with good structure and porosity, healthy soil life and a higher disease-resistant capacity of your soil.

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