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PHC Biovin powder 20 kg (250 m2)

PHC Biovin powder 20 kg (250 m2)

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Biovin guarantees a weed-free soil improver from grape must with a high content of active soil bacteria.

Biovin is widely applicable: applicable in both vegetable garden, ornamental garden and lawn.

Provides the soil with nutrients, trace elements, humus and active micro-organisms. Biovin consists of powder based on grape must and micro-organisms. The nutrient cycle is activated by the active decomposition of organic material.

    • Stimulates the development and symbiosis of mycorrhiza

    • Stimulates plant health and growth

    • Stimulates the functioning and growth of essential soil bacteria

    • Natural organic fertilizer

    • Guaranteed free of weeds

    • Prevents high nitrate levels in plants and soil

    • Provides a good collaboration with other Mycorrhiza products.

Also available in granular form.

Biovin is approved throughout Europe for use in organic and conventional crops.

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