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12-10-18 fertilizer (20 kg)

12-10-18 fertilizer (20 kg)

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Are you looking for a fertilizer that you can use for your entire garden? Then you are in the right place with the universal fertilizer 12-10-18. This fertilizer ensures that your lawn, borders and also the vegetable garden receive the necessary nutrients to grow healthily and bloom profusely.


The universal fertilizer NPK 12-10-18 contains nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). They are the most important nutrients for plants. Nitrogen is needed for the green parts of the plant, phosphate for strong roots and potassium for strength, resistance, flowering and fruit formation. Each fertilizer package contains these letters followed by the percentage of the nutrient.


One plant needs a certain nutrient more than another. That is why it is easy to apply a universal fertilizer. NPK 12-10-18 is such a universal fertilizer that can be used for most plants. Think of a lawn, ornamental garden or border.


The garden fertilizer contains nutrients that ensure that the lawn and/or garden plants remain healthy and beautiful. Part of the nitrogen in NPK 12-10-18 has an immediate effect, while another part becomes available to the plant over a longer period of time. The addition of sulfur gives the plant better initial development and a better nitrogen effect.


The soil contains a lot of phosphate, this phosphate is not soluble in the soil moisture, so the plant root cannot absorb it. The phosphate in NPK 12-10-18 is immediately available to the plant and therefore ensures good initial growth of young plants in the spring. Potassium ensures sturdy plants that bloom for a long time. Because potassium also regulates the moisture balance in the plant, nutrients are also transported to all parts of the plant. A healthy, sturdy plant is the result.


Give your lawn, border and vegetable garden the first feeding in the spring. To ensure continued good growth, we recommend that you repeat the fertilization several times. Scatter evenly over lawn, border and vegetable garden. When using in borders and vegetable gardens, rake the fertilizer lightly. In case of prolonged drought, spray after spreading.


In rainy or cloudy weather, do not sprinkle on dewy crops to avoid scalding!

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