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Strawberry fertilizer

Strawberry fertilizer

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Strawberry fertilizer (NPK 7-14-28 low chlorine) is a selection of fast-acting components. This strawberry fertilizer contains nitrogen for the rapid growth of the strawberry plant. The phosphate present is for the development of flowering. The potassium present ensures the strength of the plants and gives the fruits flavor and ensures a longer shelf life.

Total nitrogen: N 7%, of which nitrate nitrogen NO3-N 2% and ammonium nitrogen NH4-N 5%

7-14-28 fertilizer

The strawberry fertilizer ensures that the plants can develop properly and produces delicious and tasty strawberries. Thanks to the fertilizer coating, this strawberry fertilizer will provide nutrition to your plants for up to 4 months.

The fertilizer can be used for all your (soft) fruit crops. We have been selling this fertilizer to vegetable garden enthusiasts for years with great success!

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