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7-14-28 Agapanthus fertilizer

7-14-28 Agapanthus fertilizer

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7-14-28 Agapanthus fertilizer (NPK 7-14-28 low chlorine) is a selection of fast-acting components. The Agapanthus needs nutrition to produce flowers. This fertilizer is low in nitrogen for leaf growth. The phosphate present is for the development of flowering. The potassium present ensures the strength of the plants.

The agapanthus fertilizer ensures that the plants can develop properly and ensures that the plant develops so that it blooms. Thanks to the coating of the fertilizer, this fertilizer will provide nutrition to your plants for up to 4 months.

Agapanthus (African lily) care and nutrition

Agapanthus does not like "wet feet". In other words, use a light potting soil and do not water too much. Place the plant in a sunny spot - this will encourage bud formation. Apply the 7-14-28 fertilizer in the spring once you have removed the winter protection. At the end of August we again recommend a (smaller) dose of fertilizer - this will strengthen bud formation for next year.

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