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Planting soil (Topstart) (60 bags of 40L)

Planting soil (Topstart) (60 bags of 40L)

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Planting soil - Florentus Topstart® planting soil

Florentus Topstart planting soil is an organic soil improver and specially intended for planting your garden plants. It contains a root stimulator (biostimulator) which results in rapid rooting and the end result is a vital plant.

The Florentus brand stands for top quality. Topstart planting soil is widely used by gardeners when replanting gardens. Topstart planting soil is composed of garden peat, peat moss peat, green compost, mycorrhizal fungus, lime and organic fertilizers.

Buy planting soil (Topstart) for your hedges

Florentus Topstart is very suitable for planting garden plants such as beech trees, beech hedges, trees, box hedges, shrubs and roses. You can also use Topstart as a soil improver for ornamental and vegetable garden soils.

Topstart planting soil complies with the Good Soil quality mark.

We do not recommend using Topstart for acid-loving plants (rhododendron, azalea, etc.). The pH of Topstart is 5.5-6.5. For acid-loving plants, use the potting soil for rhododendrons .

Due to the special properties of Topstart, its use has many advantages for your plants: potting soil quality mark

  • activates soil life
  • contains organic nutrition for 100 days
  • contains root stimulator with plant strengthener
  • ensures rapid root development and rapid growth of plants
  • This gives strong and vital plants
  • improves the soil structure of sandy and clay soil

Buy Topstart (pallet)

There are 60 bags of 40L on a pallet and the pallet will be delivered to you free of charge.

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