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Barenbrug Bar Power RPR (Play & Sports) 2 kg 100 m2 coated

Barenbrug Bar Power RPR (Play & Sports) 2 kg 100 m2 coated

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Rock-solid lawn

    • RPR - Self-healing perennial ryegrass inside!

    • Fast and strong

    • Very drought tolerant

    • Widely applicable

    • For sowing and overseeding

    • High disease resistance

    • Less weeds

With Bar Power RPR, strength and speed are combined in one type for the first time. This mixture can also be used for many different purposes. Whether in your garden, on the local playing field or in the park. The decorative value of Bar Power RPR is also very good. The result is a fast, sturdy and beautiful turf.

Bar Power RPR is suitable for sowing and overseeding. This is a very strong mixture that retains high disease resistance in the dense turf thanks to the red fescue. The combination of strength and speed ensures that Bar Power RPR battles these weeds and unwanted grasses. Research proves that RPR is significantly better in drought and heat and in recovery from drought and heat damage.


Settlement speed Fast
Nitrogen requirement High
Growth rate Fast
Sowing density per 100 m² 2-3 kg
Sowing density per m² 20-30 grams
Cutting height 20-40mm
Sowing depth 5-10mm
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