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Fertilized garden soil 30L (pallet)

Fertilized garden soil 30L (pallet)

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Buy garden soil?


Cheap garden soil packed in 30L bags

If you are looking for cheap fertilized garden soil in bags, this is the best choice! Our garden soil is great for construction and maintenance of your garden. You can also use the fertilized garden soil to raise your garden and borders.

We recommend our potting soil for potting plants . You cannot use fertilized garden soil to plant your plants directly. The fertilizers become available to the plants too quickly, which can cause root burns. You can, however, mix the fertilized garden soil with local soil and/or potting soil.

Tip: mix 3 bags of potting soil and 1 bag of fertilized garden soil for a nice mixture for your plants.

Our garden soil is packed in 30 liter bags, making it easy to move. We neatly stack the bags of garden soil on a pallet. There are 90 bags on 1 pallet.

In total you will receive 90 bags x 30 liters = 2700 liters or 2.7 m³.

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