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Bentonite (25kg) (ECOstyle)

Bentonite (25kg) (ECOstyle)

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  • Makes the sandy soil more workable
  • Prevents the sandy soil from drying out quickly
  • Nutrients are retained better

Bentonite is used to improve sandy soils. For example, 1 kg of Bentonite can hold up to 10 kg of water. Adding bentonite to the soil improves moisture management and soil structure and the nutrients remain available to the plants for longer.

Bentonite is a sandy soil improver, consisting of clay minerals for better air and water management. It improves the cohesion of sandy soil, resulting in a structural improvement. The product can be applied to drought-sensitive sandy soils. The soil improver for the construction and maintenance of sandy soils.

For construction, renovation and maintenance on (drought-sensitive) sandy soils.

Composition: Soil improver (expanded clay mineral) including: 60% SiO2. 3% Fe2O3. 2% MgO.

Dosage: Normal sandy soil: 8-10 kg/100 m2. Light sandy soil: 10-20 kg/100 m2.

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