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Beech potting soil

Beech potting soil

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Beech soil / hedge potting soil

We have a professional potting soil in our range especially for (re)planting beech hedges and hedges, which optimizes the rooting of the beech hedge. The "establishment" of young beeches is sometimes a difficult process. With our special beech soil you can prevent a lot of waste!

With our special organic food, a gradual release of nutrients is released over a period of approximately 90 days. In addition to this organic nutrition, it contains a plant enhancer which ensures good development of the roots. This is essential, especially in the initial phase!

The plant enhancer is a naturally occurring soil fungus that interacts with the roots of the beech. The fungi work in symbiosis with the plants. By using this product, a kind of thread network of fungi is created around the root. The fungus thus promotes minerals and water absorption for the plant.

Buy beech soil in bags

Beech potting soil is supplied in a neutral white bag of 70L and 36 bags per pallet. Minimum purchase is 1 pallet.

Price INCLUDES transport!

If you want to transplant other plants in addition to beech trees or hedges, our Topstart planting soil is also a good choice. This is also suitable for your perennials (including roses).

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