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Organic potting soil for filling pots and containers

Organic potting soil for filling pots and containers

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Organic potting soil for pots, containers and gardens

Florentus organic potting soil is made from natural raw materials that may be used in organic agriculture and horticulture, in accordance with the EC 889 / 2008 regulation.

This 100% organic potting soil is unique and excellent for use for all plants, green and flowering. The difference with organic potting soil for the vegetable garden is that this potting soil is slightly more airy. You can also use this organic potting soil for your plants in the vegetable garden.

Packaging: 60 bags of 40L on a pallet.

Add vermiculite

Do you want to add vermiculite ? Order affordable vermiculite here . Vermiculite is often mixed to make the soil more airy and vermiculite can retain water and nutrients very well.

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