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Epsom salt (Epsotop) (25kg)

Epsom salt (Epsotop) (25kg)

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Epsom salt (Epsotop)

In other woody ornamental plants and houseplants, magnesium deficiency causes irregularly yellowed leaves (yellow parallel lines between the evergreen leaf veins) or yellow leaf margins. Epso top Epsom salts is a solution for this.

Epsotop Bitter Salt is water soluble and is a mineral-based fertilizer and is therefore well balanced and absolutely constant in composition. They have numerous advantages. Its application is done by dissolving it in water. This means that the plants receive irrigation water and nutrition in one 'gulp', thus saving time. Because these fertilizers are absorbed by both the leaves and the roots and are immediately available to the plant, a quick result is guaranteed.


Sprinkle twice a year over a slightly larger soil area than the size of the tree or shrub. After spreading, work in lightly and then water thoroughly. Can also be sprayed. Do not spray in sunny weather. Repeat this 3 to 4 times for a month.

For prevention: use 50g/m², for healing: dissolve 150 to 200g in 10 liters of water.

Epsom salt prevents brown discoloration of conifers. Epsom salt ensures beautiful green branches and increases resistance.
Specially used against magnesium deficiency in conifers and conifers. Epsom salt is also used on roses, tomato plants, peppers and peppers to keep the plants in magnesium throughout the growing season.

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