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Blood Meal Custom N11 (20 kg) granule

Blood Meal Custom N11 (20 kg) granule

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Blood meal (ECOstyle)

OpMaat N11 is a simple, 100% organic fertilizer enriched with micro-organisms with a high nitrogen content.

The added micro-organisms are important for optimizing soil vitality, soil life and plant resilience.

The added bacteria ensure that the plant is better able to absorb the nitrogen (N).

OpSize N11 ensures vigorous, balanced growth and gives a deep green color to the leaves. Because nitrogen deficiency is often accompanied by other soil-related problems, micro-organisms have been added. They ensure regulation and absorption of nutrients, improve soil structure, water permeability and root penetration and increase the plant's resistance.

• Quick recovery of yellow and brown discoloration due to nitrogen deficiency.
• Indirect effect against clover in grass/lawns (clover indicates nitrogen deficiency).

Simple fertilizer NPK 11-0-0 in which bacteria and fungi are mixed.

  • 11% Organically bound nitrogen (N) resulting from blood meal, feather meal and oilseed cake flour.
  • 80% Organic matter, consisting of blood meal, feather meal and oilseed cake flour.
  • Bacteria (bacillus sp): 10 exp. 6 germs/gram.

In case of nitrogen deficiency on sports fields, lawns and borders. At the beginning and during the growing season, especially when there is an additional need for nitrogen.

Depending on the needs of the crop.
General: 5 kg/100 m2.

Packaging 20 kg

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