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Boxwood soil in bags. The soil for shrubs & hedges!

Boxwood soil in bags. The soil for shrubs & hedges!

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Boxwood soil - potting soil for boxwood, shrubs and hedges

Boxwood soil from the Florentus brand has been specially developed for planting boxwood, yew, hedges and evergreen shrubs. By adding extra magnesium and trace elements, it ensures beautiful green plants. The airy structure of this boxwood soil and the addition of clay ensure healthy roots and optimal plant development.

Composition of boxwood soil

This potting soil is composed of garden peat, white peat, green compost and clay. The potting soil also contains extra magnesium, organic and NPK fertilizers with trace elements.


Use planting in a pot or container : for good drainage, first place a layer of Florentus Hydro granules at the bottom of the flower pot or container. Then fill the pot or container with a layer of Florentus Boxwood soil. Place the plants and fill everything with this boxwood soil. Then give plenty of water.

Use for planting in the garden : make a planting hole of approximately twice the size of the root ball. Fill the planting hole halfway with Florentus Boxwood soil and place the plants. Then fill the whole with this boxwood soil, press it firmly and provide sufficient water.

Tip: Shake the contents of the bag well before use. The bags are stacked on a pallet, which makes them compact during production.

Florentus Buxus soil carries the Good Soil quality mark. Potting soil quality mark

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