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Barenbrug Splendide / R1 15 kg

Barenbrug Splendide / R1 15 kg

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This mixture has been developed for sowing a wide range of creative areas such as campsites, parks and sunbathing areas.

It performs well under a variety of conditions. Splendide can be widely used by using up to five different types of grass, is drought tolerant, has a dense turf and good tread tolerance.

    • 100% Grass Guide varieties!

    • Widely applicable

    • Good tread tolerance

    • Dense turf

    • Orange band quality mark

    • Drought tolerant

    • Independently tested

    • Sowing density/m² 20-25 gr

    • Shortest possible cutting height 15 mm


20% perennial ryegrass

25% meadow grass

10% Red Fescue - common

20% Red Fescue - large

20% Hard fescue

5% Common bentgrass

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