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Compo Blaukorn 12-8-16+3MgO classic (20 kg)

Compo Blaukorn 12-8-16+3MgO classic (20 kg)

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COMPO Universal Fertilizer blaukorn Classic is a low-chlorine fertilizer with a fast effect and an important starter effect, ideal for fertilizing ornamental and vegetable gardens.

Each granule contains all the important nutritional elements. The blue color also indicates where fertilization has already taken place.

COMPO Blaukorn Classic is a granular fertilizer based on potassium sulphate with magnesium and trace elements that perfectly meets the needs of the plants. The fertilizer can be applied both as a starter fertilizer and as a maintenance fertilizer. COMPO Blaukorn Classic is suitable for all crops, specifically for chlorine-sensitive crops.

    • Complete fertilizer with a constant, balanced composition where each granule contains all important nutritional elements that are easily absorbed by the plants

    • Better quality of vegetables, fruit and chlorine-sensitive crops

    • Nourishes and strengthens all crops

    • Wear-resistant and therefore no dust formation

    • Ideal for chlorine-sensitive crops

    • The granules are wear-resistant and therefore do not produce dust

You spread the COMPO Unicersele Fertilizer Blaukorn evenly over the surface, then work the fertilizer into the soil and water the surface.

You can use the COMPO Universal Fertilizer Blaukorn from March to September.

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