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Compo recovery grass (4 in1) Complete mix 4 kg

Compo recovery grass (4 in1) Complete mix 4 kg

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    COMPO recovery mix contains potting soil, grass seed and special fertilizers for a quick recovery of your lawn.

    • Ideal for sparse spots in the lawn

    • Can be used in extreme conditions without any problem

    • Fast growth (from 5 days)

    • Unique patented grass seed mix

    • Suitable for any type of lawn

COMPO Complete Mix is ​​composed of 4 types of ingredients. This sophisticated mixture is therefore ideal for the restoration of large damaged areas in extreme conditions such as drought, cold in shady places.

Germination substrate:

    • Absorbs water and becomes voluminous

    • Creates the perfect environment for seeds, ensuring rapid seed germination and good rooting

Two types of high-tech lawn seeds:

Lawn seeds CSI

Did you know that the lawn can repair itself? The high-tech lawn seeds ''CSI'' are a variety whose roots form new shoots. The damaged lawns are automatically repaired and the formation of weeds and moss is prevented. On the other hand, the lawn grows less quickly than a classic ryegrass species. This means less mowing is required.

Lawn seeds Double Time

In the most extreme conditions (cold, drought, shade), photosynthesis in lawns based on basic lawn seeds is somewhat more difficult. As a result, they will also grow less. The ''Double Time'' lawn seeds contain well-known chlorophyll cells that promote photosynthesis and rooting. The lawn will grow better than a basic lawn even in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to this new generation of lawn seeds, the lawn will be greener and denser.


    • Coated fertilizer with long effect of 3 months

    • For a lawn with more resistance and even growth

Seaweed lime:

    • Neutralizes acidic soils

    • For better absorption of water and nutrients

COMPO Complete Mix 4 in 1 contains extra soil-improving and germination-promoting elements so that bare spots quickly close up. The natural micro-organisms promote root growth and the vitality of the lawn. Active soil life is improved for a long time and ensures a sustainable supply of the most important nutrients. The result? A beautiful, dense green and sturdy lawn all year round.

How to use COMPO Complete Mix:

The ready-to-use product is very easy to use.

    • First, the soil of the damaged lawn must be prepared by removing stones, moss, weeds, dead grass and other irregularities.

    • Spread the product evenly on the damaged surface. Also sprinkle some product on the undamaged lawn. This way you get a seamless result

  • Now all you have to do is thoroughly water the treated surface until the product is completely saturated and turns dark brown. Use a watering can with a spray nozzle or a garden hose on the lightest spray setting. Make sure that the repaired areas in the lawn are kept sufficiently moist in the following weeks.

When can I use the mix?

COMPO Complete Mix 4 in 1 can be applied from April to October at a soil temperature of at least 10°C.

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