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Groene Jan

Compost (85 bags of 30L)

Compost (85 bags of 30L)

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Compost packed in 30L bags

Garden compost is an environmentally friendly product. Can be used for structural improvement, fertilization, planting and maintenance of lawn, border and vegetable garden.

By using compost you increase the pH (acidity) of the existing soil. Compost is great to use to spread over your lawn. This reduces moss growth in your lawn and also nourishes the lawn.

In addition to the property of improving structure, compost has even more advantages. It actively stimulates soil life and also prevents the soil from drying out. In addition to compost, Groen Jan compost also contains some garden peat. This ensures a slightly lower and stable pH.

Groene Jan Compost is packed in 30L bags. We load 85 bags onto a pallet. The minimum purchase is 1 pallet and this is delivered for FREE .
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