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Culterra 7-3-4+3MgO (BIO) orange (25 kg)

Culterra 7-3-4+3MgO (BIO) orange (25 kg)

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Culterra orange

The raw materials processed in Culterra 7+3+4 are of animal and vegetable origin. Due to their balanced composition, they form an optimal source of nutrition for everything that grows and blooms. Culterra 7+3+4 contains protein-rich raw materials. These proteins are converted by bacterial life in the soil into responsible, easily absorbable nutrients that are gradually released. This feeding method prevents growth explosions.

Duration of Culterra

Culterra 7+3+4 has a long operating time and guarantees a high return. In addition, Culterra fertilizers contain trace elements that ensure healthy growth and a tasty harvest.


    • Sprinkle an average of 1 kg 10 M2 3-4 times a year, sprinkle the granules when rain is expected or spray after spreading.

    • Culterra dissolves quickly and does not rinse out.

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