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Culterra 10-4-6 (green bag) 20 kg (cheap POSTNL)

Culterra 10-4-6 (green bag) 20 kg (cheap POSTNL)

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Culterra green bag 20kg

Culterra is a high-quality fertilizer specially formulated for gardens. It is a popular choice among garden enthusiasts and professionals alike due to its balanced composition and long duration of action.

Culterra 10+4+6 contains protein-rich raw materials of animal and vegetable origin that are gradually released and converted into easily absorbable nutrients by bacterial life in the soil. This prevents growth explosions and ensures high returns.

Culterra is pressed in granular form and is best spread when rain is expected or watered shortly after spreading. It dissolves quickly and does not rinse out. The best period to spread Culterra is from March to September.

The composition of Culterra is as follows: 10% nitrogen, 4% phosphate, 6% potassium and an organic matter content of at least 40%. The high organic matter content is an important characteristic of Culterra and contributes to a healthy soil structure.

All in all, Culterra is a complete and high-quality fertilizer that provides an optimal source of nutrition for everything that grows and blooms in your garden.

Packaging: 20kg and therefore cheap shipping with the parcel service. Do you want to buy multiple bags? Also look for the 25kg packaging , which is often cheaper.

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