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Lava flour (20 kg) powder

Lava flour (20 kg) powder

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Lava flour is a very fine, ground powder derived from volcanic rock. The most fertile soils in the world are found around volcanoes. Cooled lava solidifies and forms very fertile soils through weathering. The use of rock flours is based on these properties. Rock metals such as Eifelgold and DCM lava flour are therefore permitted according to European EC Regulation No. 2381/94 on the organic production method.


silicon SiO2 43.5%, aluminum Al2O3 13.9%, sodium Na2O 3.1%, magnesium MgO 9.0%, phosphorus P2O5 0.5%, calcium CaO 11.7%, potassium K2O 3.5%, iron Fe2O3 10.8%, titanium TiO2 2.7%.

Other naturally occurring trace elements: cobalt, copper, molybdenum, zinc, vanadium, nickel, chromium.

Structure improvement

Lava flour is an excellent structure improver, even on soils with a high pH. Calcium is the structure improver and silicon (silicic acid) has an acidifying effect. This ensures that, for example, bound phosphate is released in the soil. Due to the combination of calcium and silicon, DCM lava flour does not increase the pH of the soil. Silicon has an additional effect; it strengthens the cell walls of the crop. Result: mildew has less chance.

Lava flour for professionals

If steam is used after a cultivation cycle, this is accompanied by an excess of manganese. By liming, calcium blocks manganese. Lava flour does not leave ballast substances in the ground; it serves the crop and the soil 100% and is active for approximately two years.

Use lava flour
Sequence for incorporation of open-field crops: Spading, spreading lava flour, spreading other stock fertilizer, tilling, planting.

Incorporate open ground: 20-30 kg per 100 m²
per cultivation round 25-50 kg per 100 m² per year for cultivation under glass and open air.
Cultivation soil/potting soil: 10-15 kg per m³
powder spraying: 200-300 grams per 100 m²
spreading: 10-15 kg per 100 m²

Benefits of sprinkling lava flour

Magnesium (9.0%) As a building block of chlorophyll, magnesium is indispensable for chlorophyll operations in the crop. The magnesium content is constantly decreasing, especially on intensively cultivated soils.

Silicon (43.5%) From research by Prof. Dr. Knickmann has shown that silicon (SiO2 / silicic acid) offers the crop better protection against diseases. Silicic acid also facilitates the absorption of the essential element phosphorus. Silicic acid leads to vigorous growth and a lasting growth advantage. Silicic acid influences the formation and maintenance of humus components, while silicates contribute to the build-up of fertile clay minerals. Silicon therefore has a strong soil-building, fertilizing and soil-improving effect.

Iron (10.8%) Iron is essential for chlorophyll operations as well as for respiration and other important life processes in the plant.

Calcium / lime (11.7%) Lime (calcium) strengthens the cell walls and neutralizes all the toxins present in the plant. It also forms a crumbly soil that is extremely suitable for planting agricultural and horticultural crops.

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