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Olega Complex (5 liters) DCM

Olega Complex (5 liters) DCM

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Olega Complex is a suspension of compound fertilizers NPK 6-3-4 with trace elements and seaweed extract. It is an easily absorbable foliar feed with seaweed extract for a growth stimulant, stronger plants and a fast green response.

DCM Olega contains trace elements to prevent or remedy deficiency symptoms.

Properties Olega Complex

  • foliar nutrition NPK 6-3-4 with trace elements (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) and seaweed extract
  • good recording for fast green response

- urea = best absorbable nitrogen source by leaf tissue + synergistic effect on absorption of other nutritional elements, including iron (Fe)
- trace elements in chelated form: remain soluble, easily absorbed and ensure good translocation in the plant

  • growth stimulant and stronger plants
  • prevents and remedies deficiency symptoms (growth adjustment)
  • various macro and trace elements: solving deficiency symptoms that often occur in combination + sophisticated ratio so that the risk of antagonisms occurring is minimal
  • absorption faster than soil fertilization and independent of soil condition (pH, soil temperature)
  • easy to apply

suspension – liquid


  • Apply during the active growing season (spring, summer), as soon as the plants have good leaves.
  • Preferably apply in the late afternoon to early evening, out of the sun, on slightly moist plants.
  • Shake can before use.
  • Make correct dilution and spray evenly over the leaf until drip-off.
  • At least 2, preferably 3 applications, each 10 days apart.
  • Foliar feeding should always be used in addition to soil fertilization and not as a replacement.
  • The extent and speed of the plant's response depend on the plant species and variety, its growth stage and climatic conditions.

The exact dose depends on the needs of the crop, the moment of application, the nutrient reserve in the soil and the intensity of watering. The dose below is an advice and only informative.


  • green, non-flowering shrubs, hedges, conifers: 8 ml/L water, drip-off
  • flowering shrubs and ornamental plants
  • for opening the flower buds: 8 ml/L water, drip-off and for open flowers 3 ml/L water, drip-off


LAWNS AND SPORTS FIELDS: 300 - 400 ml/10 L water/100 m2

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