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DCM Seaweed lime 600 kg granule big bag

DCM Seaweed lime 600 kg granule big bag

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DCM Seaweed Lime is a granulated seaweed lime from fossil coccoliths.

Seaweed lime has a gentle effect, excellent solubility and is naturally rich in calcium and trace elements. Lime binds the soil acids and ensures the correct pH value for your lawn plants and flowers. It also strengthens and improves the soil structure and keeps mosses at bay.

  • Granulated lime fertilizer - calcium carbonate (NW 50)

  • Has a gentle effect

  • Excellent solubility

  • Rich in trace elements

  • For liming vegetable gardens, ornamental gardens, orchards and ponds

  • Can be used in the organic garden

Suitable for mechanical spreading due to anti-caking layer.

This product may be used in Dutch organic agriculture

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