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Dologran lawn lime (25kg)

Dologran lawn lime (25kg)

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Buy Dologran Lawn Lime / Granular Lime

Spreading lime is a must for anyone who wants to have and keep a beautiful, fresh and healthy lawn that they can enjoy all year round. Sprinkling lime is good for soil life and increases the pH value of your soil. This makes it perfect against moss and healthy for your grass. Because Dologran also contains magnesium, your lawn will also be greener!

Sprinkle lime

Lime can easily be spread in spring and autumn. Best application period: February - April / October - November. Scatter evenly over the lawn, ornamental garden, vegetable garden or orchard. For example, use a hand spreader or fertilizer spreader . Rake well on loose soil. In case of long drought, spray after spreading.

CaO 47%
MgO 5%
ZBW 53%

Raises the pH
Good for soil life
Can be applied in spring and autumn
For a more beautiful, fresher and healthier lawn
Contents: 25 KG
Spreading advice: 100 to 150 grams / m2 6 to 10 m2 per KG.

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