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Dolokal lime powder (25kg)

Dolokal lime powder (25kg)

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Dolokal Lime Powder (Sibelco)

The properties of Dolokal Lime Powder from Sibelco summarized:

  • Magnesium for deeper leaf green. 100% natural product.
  • Composition: carbonic magnesium lime Magnesium oxide content (MgO) 5%
  • Unlimited shelf life (if stored dry)
  • Regulates the acidity (pH value) of the soil and thus prevents acidification.
  • The correct acidity is important for the proper development of plants, shrubs and trees.
  • Stimulates the development of micro-organisms in the soil and thus increases soil fertility.
  • Promotes the absorption of necessary nutritional elements such as nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.
  • Dolokal ensures a good airy soil structure.
  • Dosage (guideline): "restorative liming" 2x per year, 2-4 kg/10m² "maintenance liming" 1x per year, 1 kg/10m² Spread preferably in spring and autumn! Some plants such as Heather, Azaleas and Rhododendrons like acidic soil, be careful with lime powder with these plants
  • Super fine dry lime marl with extra magnesium.
  • Contains valuable trace elements such as boron, manganese and iron.
  • High reactivity!


Especially for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, lawns and public greenery. Prevents acidification and dissolves quickly! A 25KG bag is enough for approximately 250 m².

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