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Ecor 1/Eco mix 1 (DCM) 9-5-3

Ecor 1/Eco mix 1 (DCM) 9-5-3

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DCM ECO-Mix 1 is now called ECOR 1

ECOR 1 is a compound fertilizer with an emphasis on nitrogen supply for (potting) soil and, among other things, seed and cutting potting soil. It is permitted for use in organic cultivation.

ECOR 1 has a long and continuous duration of action (75 -100 days), which ensures continuous growth of leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables and roses, among others. It is an ideal fertilizer for spring and spring fertilization of lawns and grass sports fields. It comes in the well-known form of DCM: the Minigran.

This product may be used in Dutch organic agriculture

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