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Lawn-AZ (20 kg) ECOStyle

Lawn-AZ (20 kg) ECOStyle

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    • Lawn fertilizer that is good for your soil life

    • Naturally sustainable and a lasting deep green turf

    • Suitable for any lawn

    • Provides nutrition for up to 120 days

Gazon-AZ is a fertilizer specially developed for the lawn, enriched with micro-organisms and Protoplus. The Protoplus is an innovative ECOstyle patent. The Protoplus in Gazon-AZ contains specially selected protozoan species, which are micro-organisms that naturally occur in the soil.

The protozoa ensure that nutrients become much more available. This gives the grass in your lawn a stronger root system and is much more resistant to diseases and pests. Gazon-AZ is a 100% natural lawn fertilizer. It contains all the nutrients for the lawn in the correct proportions and provides nutrition for at least 4 months.

These are bacteria that are unique to Gazon-AZ. These remain present in the top layer of the soil and, under optimal conditions, break down dead organic material - such as moss remains and grass clippings - in 2 days. This means that you can leave the grass clippings behind. This produces less garden waste and also serves as extra lawn fertilizer. After decomposition, this grass waste serves as nutrition for the soil life of the lawn. This closes the organic cycle again. Preferably mow with a mulching mower.


    • Distribute Gazon-AZ evenly over the lawn

    • Spraying is not necessary, but it does speed up the effect

    • To achieve a good distribution when spreading manually, it is advisable to divide Gazon-AZ crosswise into two spreading sessions.

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