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Myco-Lawn (25 kg)

Myco-Lawn (25 kg)

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Benefits of Myco lawn
      • 100% organic lawn fertilizer enriched with micro-organisms
      • Grass clippings are quickly converted into food
      • Indirect effect against moss and weeds
      • Increases the resistance of the grass to drought and frost
      • Better nutrition and fluid intake
      • Improves the soil structure

A deep green and moss-free lawn

Myco-Gazon is a 100% organic fertilizer for a deep green lawn. The nutrients are released quickly and work for up to 4 months. The added micro-organisms ensure a healthy and airy soil and a dense turf. The surface composting bacteria prevent the formation of a felt layer. The added Mycorrhizae fungi ensure that the root system has up to 9 times more root reach.

When laying lawns:
Use Terra-Fertiel for a good foundation under the new turf. Fertilize with Myco-Gazon 4 weeks after installation.

When maintaining sandy soil:
• 1st fertilization: March to May
• 2nd fertilization: June to July
• 3rd fertilization: August to September

When maintaining clay soil:
• 1st fertilization: March to June
• 2nd fertilization: July to September


25 kg


Compound organic fertilizer NPK 8-3-6 in which micro-organisms are mixed.

  • 8% Total nitrogen (N) completely organically bound, resulting from feather meal, bone meal and vinasse.
  • 3% Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate.
  • 6% Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water.
  • 65% Organic matter derived from feather meal, bone meal and vinasse.
  • 8% Sulfuric anhydride (SO3) soluble in water.
  • Fungi: (Mycorrhizae) 14 spores/propagules/gram.
  • Bacteria: (Bacillus sp) 10 exp. 6 germs/gram.

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