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Myco-Sedum (10 kg) Ecostyle

Myco-Sedum (10 kg) Ecostyle

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Myco sedum is a 100% organic fertilizer, enriched with Mycorrhizae fungi and phosphate-releasing bacteria, and has been specifically developed for the construction and maintenance of sedum and green roofs.

Extensive testing of Myco-Sedum on existing sedum roofs, sedum in containers and when constructing green roofs using sedum plugs have achieved very good results.

Within 6 weeks after fertilization, the sedum will look green and stretched out again.

Benefits of Myco Sedum

      • Contains all necessary nutrients, main and trace elements with phosphate-releasing bacteria.
      • Contains Mycorrhizae fungi that increase the root surface area by up to 9x.
      • Works for a long time, does not wash out and does not cause damage from burning.
      • Improves the soil structure.
      • Can be directly combined with AZ lime.
      • Structure-improving effect through activation of soil life


For the construction and maintenance of green and sedum roofs.


Construction and maintenance:

March - April: 70 g/m2:

June - July 70 g/m2

Installation with sedum plugs

      • 140gsm

In case of growth retardation:

      • 140gsm

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