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EcoStyle Spruzit-R 750 ml RTU

EcoStyle Spruzit-R 750 ml RTU

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Combats aphid thrips and whitefly quickly and effectively.

This pesticide is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and consists entirely of natural active ingredients.

When applying the product, make sure you hit the insects well and spray all the leaves, including the tops, bottoms and stems. Spruzit-R is a contact agent , so it is essential to thoroughly wet all parts.

If you have never used Spruzit-R before, it is wise to first carry out a trial treatment to test the crop's tolerance. Adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Plants up to 50 cm - 0.6 liters per 10 m2
  • Plants from 50 to 125 cm - 0.9 liters per 10 m2
  • Plants larger than 125 cm - 1.2 liters per 10 m2

Spruzit-R Ready to Use is available in a 750 ml bottle.

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