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Felco 502 pocket knife 4 functions

Felco 502 pocket knife 4 functions

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Equal parts stylish, safe and practical, the ergonomic FELCO 502 pocket knife consists of a robust stainless steel blade and a Phillips screwdriver No. 1 tweezers and a safe blade lock system. The pocket knife has an easy blade opening slot device that can be used by both right and left-handed people. Maintenance is easy to perform using a number of simple steps and is made even easier because the pocket knife is dishwasher safe.

  • The compact modern design not only gives the FELCO 502 pocket knife a cool appearance, but also ensures that it can be easily used even by the smallest hands

  • A pocket knife for everyone that is just as efficient and comfortable to use for right-handed people as for left-handed people

  • The ergonomically curved shape reduces strain on the wrist and provides a firm grip so you can always cut reliably and comfortably

  • The scratch-resistant 'soft-touch' handle gives you a pleasant feeling, which ensures that long-term use remains comfortable

  • The direct and easy access to the tools allows you to respond quickly to any situation

  • Maximum safety is achieved thanks to a system that blocks the blade in the open position

  • Unblock the blade by pressing the cross on the handle to quickly close the blade and continue with another task

  • The strong ultra-sharp and stainless steel slot blade provides an easier opening. Extremely suitable if ease of use and functionality are important to you

  • Tweezers with angled tips offer greater precision when grasping from tight places

  • A Phillips screwdriver No. 1 as an accessory provides a high tightening force to quickly tighten something when necessary

  • The FELCO 502 pocket knife can also be cleaned occasionally in the dishwasher, which is easy.

  • Enjoy comfortable and safe use with the phthalate-free non-slip handle

  • The red handle underlines our heritage and also acts as a handy landmark so you can always find your FELCO tools in any environment

  • Manufactured in Switzerland

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