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Felco 903 diamond whetstone

Felco 903 diamond whetstone

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  • The FELCO 903 is a multifunctional stone in hardened steel with a unique diamond coating that is ideal for sharpening, deburring and hardening your knives

  • Ideal for caring for the cutting heads of your pruning shears. Improved cutting performance and extended blade life guarantee optimal pruning quality

  • Thanks to the exceptional strength and longevity of the stone, you always have a reliable sharpener at hand wherever you work

  • Ideal for sharpening all cutting tools including: pruning shears pruning pliers cable cutters knives and more

  • Versatile stone for dry and wet grinding

  • Easy-to-use sanding tool that requires only light pressure. By sliding the stone in an inward motion six to ten times you ensure optimal sharpness of the blades of your tools

  • Designed to sharpen so that there are no ridges on your knives

  • Regular sharpening maintains the high quality of FELCO's world-famous cutting edge

  • Ensures a long lifespan for the cutting surfaces of your tools and sharp tools, no matter what jobs you perform

  • Tool for left and right-handed users

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