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French tree bark Excellent

French tree bark Excellent

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French tree bark packed in 40L bags

French tree bark Excellent is suitable for creating paths in your garden and/or for preventing weeds in your border. It is a very durable material, decorative and with a hard structure

The bark is packed in 40L bags and the minimum purchase is 1 pallet. There are 51 bags of 40L on 1 pallet.

French tree bark, as the name suggests, comes from France and is of better quality than regular tree bark. The better quality of French tree bark is mainly reflected in the hardness of the bark. The harder the bark, the longer the lifespan.

Florentus French tree bark is also often used under playground equipment to break a fall.

Florentus French tree bark: a top product for a super competitive price.

We supply tree bark from the Florentus brand - a well-known brand with reliable quality!

Tree bark instructions for use

If you use the tree bark as a ground cover, you should apply a layer of at least 5 to 8 centimeters. We recommend that you place at least 8 - 10 cm under playground equipment to prevent falls.

If you want French tree bark to prevent weeds in your garden, we recommend that you first apply anti-root cloth.

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