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Barenbrug Bar Power RPR 15 kg

Barenbrug Bar Power RPR 15 kg

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Bar Power RPR can be used for many different purposes. Whether in your garden, on the local playing field or in the park. Bar Power RPR is also very suitable for certain walkways that are subject to heavy foot traffic. Of course, not only strength is important. The decorative value of Bar Power RPR is also very good. The result is a fast, sturdy and beautiful turf.

  • RPR technology inside!

  • Fast and strong

  • Self-healing

  • Widely applicable

  • For sowing and overseeding

  • High disease resistance

  • Less weeds

  • A dense turf quickly

  • Sowing density: 3kg/100m²

  • Cutting height: 25 - 30 mm

30% RPR
25% Fine-leaved perennial ryegrass
20% Red fescue - common
10% red fescue - large
15% SOS

Can be used as a replacement for Solid play lawn.

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