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Barenbrug Haymaster 15 kg with Nutrifibre Haygrass

Barenbrug Haymaster 15 kg with Nutrifibre Haygrass

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Grass for hay or haylage

  • Fresh and tasty hay for your horse, cows or small livestock

  • High roughage production

  • Excellent drought resistance

  • Hay Master versus natural hay

  • Extra mass with clover

  • Hay Master contains the NutriFibre® technology

Fresh and tasty hay for your horse, cows or small livestock
Crucial for the production of fresh and tasty hay is preventing a heavy rain shower in your mown grass. The shorter the field period, the lower the risk of this. For this reason, the grasses in Hay Master dry quickly and you can remove the hay bales from the land in a short time after mowing. The balanced mix of grass types guarantees tasty and structured hay.

High roughage production
Hay Master is an innovative grass mixture intended exclusively for mowing. The advantage of this is that grass production is particularly high. Under normal conditions you can easily harvest 15 tons of dry matter per hectare. This is due to the properties of the soft-leaved tall fescue, which makes optimal use of the minerals in the soil. Even with a limited nitrogen supply, the crop easily produces ten to twelve tons of dry matter per hectare. Hay Master is suitable for all soil types.

Excellent drought resistance
The climate robust crop has no problem with dry summers. With its deep and massive roots it draws moisture from the deeper layers of the soil. This means you are assured of a good yield even in dry periods. Compared to BG 11, known as an ideal all-round mixture for horses and hay meadows, Hay Master allows you to get more hay from your land due to its good drought resistance.

Hay Master versus natural hay
Natural hay has the image that it is healthy for your animals. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in practice. Natural hay comes from unfertilized land and therefore usually has an unbalanced composition. This increases the risk of poisonous herbs such as Ragwort, which is very harmful to your animals. In addition, crops that have a nitrogen deficiency produce a lot of sugar. Sugar-rich grass is unhealthy for animals, especially horses. Hay Master guarantees a constant supply of grasses and, under correct management, delivers a predictable result so that the quality of your roughage is guaranteed.

Hay Master contains the NutriFibre® technology
NutriFibre® is an innovative grass technology based on soft-leaved tall fescue developed in Barenbrug's international breeding program. NutriFibre® has a nutritious, structure-rich leaf with a strong, large root system. As a result, the grass uses minerals efficiently, is climate resistant and has a rich structure.


  • 60% Soft-leaved tall fescue

  • 10% Meadow Meadow Flower

  • 10% Timothy

  • 10% Croup

  • 10% perennial ryegrass tetraploid mid-season

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