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Barenbrug Resilient Blue Sport 15 kg

Barenbrug Resilient Blue Sport 15 kg

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Our climate is changing worldwide. Extremes are becoming the new norm. Downpours, heavy hail, sweltering heat and very dry summers. Do you want the certainty of a turf that will fully recover after an extreme period of stress? Then choose Resilient Blue.

Specially selected Kentucky bluegrasses (Poa pratensis) form the basis for a robust, resilient foundation of the turf. A selection of extremely tolerant supported varieties also ensures a nice, strong and balanced mixture.

    • Highest heat and drought tolerance

    • Fastest recovery after extreme weather conditions

    • Excellent tread tolerance

    • Highest disease tolerance


    • Applicable for sports fields, parks and campsites

    • Speed ​​of establishment: normal

    • Growth rate is slower than average

    • Colour: medium green

    • Need for fertilizers is lower than average

    • Water requirement is lower than average

    • Sowing density 10-15g/m2 sowing

    • Sow 20-25g/m2

    • Sowing depth 5-10 mm

    • Cutting height from 15 mm

Composition: 20% Resilient Blue 10% Meadow Meadow 25% RPR 45% Perennial Ryegrass

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