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Barenbrug Shadow (Shadow & sun) 1 kg 30-50 m² coated

Barenbrug Shadow (Shadow & sun) 1 kg 30-50 m² coated

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This mixture grows excellently in the shade and is therefore the acute solution for shady areas.

Shadow has a high shade and tread tolerance, forms a dense turf and has a high ornamental value. Tip for sowing: due to the small Deschampsia seeds, the maximum sowing depth is 0.5 cm.

    • Strong in shade and sun

    • Prevents moss

    • Dense turf

    • Very suitable for the shade

    • For years of lawn pleasure

    • Good tread tolerance

    • Winner of Innovation Award

    • Sowing density/m² 20-25 gr

    • Shortest possible cutting height 15 mm


40% Raw Smele

30% Red Fescue - common

10% Red Fescue - fine

20% meadow grass

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