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Barenbrug SOS Lawn Repair (Recovery) 1 kg 30-50 m² coated

Barenbrug SOS Lawn Repair (Recovery) 1 kg 30-50 m² coated

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Germination at soil temperature of 6 °C

SOS makes overseeding possible during and shortly after winter. It has the unique property that it already germinates at a soil temperature of 6 °C. The rapid germination and emergence make this rapid recovery possible: within two to three weeks you will have a nice, dense lawn again. A quick repair of damage after the winter will ultimately result in a significant increase in the number of playing hours.

The results of overseeding in the cold months with SOS are: fewer cancellations, better football (especially in the sixteen-meter area) and fewer injuries.

    • Super fast recovery in the winter period

    • SOS technology inside!

    • Fastest location

    • Overseeding at low temperatures

    • Extend the sowing season

    • Prevent weeds such as annual meadow grass

    • Sowing density 3kg/100m²

    • Cutting height 30 - 35 mm


50% SOS lawn

50% perennial ryegrass - fine-leaved

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