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Barenbrug SOS Lawn Repair (Recovery) 2 kg 100 m2 coated)

Barenbrug SOS Lawn Repair (Recovery) 2 kg 100 m2 coated)

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Restore your lawn instantly!

  • For the annual rapid recovery.

  • Reseeding in bare spots and after scarifying.

  • Can be sown from 4 °C.

SOS® technology inside!
Grass à la minute! The fastest germinating grass seed that germinates even at low temperatures from 4°C. SOS® can be used all year round. After overseeding with SOS®, the turf looks like new again.

Fastest location
Fastest establishment is possible with the latest generation of ryegrass: SOS®! Due to its fastest establishment, SOS® has become a very well-known and popular mixture in recent years. Renovation of the field is desperately needed for sports fields in the winter in order to be able to play on the fields again as quickly as possible. Overseeding with SOS® guarantees a grass occupancy of at least 60% within one month. That is no less than 18 days faster than standard mixtures containing perennial ryegrass.

Overseeding at low temperatures
Overseeding at low temperatures is impossible with most grass mixtures. SOS®, on the other hand, can be overseeded at a soil temperature of only 4 °C. This normally means that clubs have to shift the occupancy of their fields. SOS® puts an end to this when SOS® is sown at the right times, a high-quality turf is guaranteed at the end of winter.

Extend the sowing season
Extending the playing season is not so obvious, as normal grass mixtures do not germinate at low soil temperatures. Thanks to SOS®, the playing season is extended by a few months. By overseeding the turf early in the spring, the field maintains a good grass cover. Fields can thus be played more intensively than before. Extending the playing season is possible with SOS®, sometimes by up to 100 hours more per year.

Prevent weeds such as annual meadow grass
In the colder months it is advisable to use SOS®. SOS® already germinates at about 4 degrees and annual meadow grass only germinates at 8-10 degrees. This is how SOS® competes with annual meadow grass. SOS® also has a very fast germination and so after about two weeks you will have an even lawn without bare spots.


  • 50% SOS® lawn

  • 50% perennial ryegrass - fine-leaved

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