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Barenbrug Water Saver (Dry & strong) 5 kg 100-200 m² coated

Barenbrug Water Saver (Dry & strong) 5 kg 100-200 m² coated

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For use on drought-sensitive soils

    • Beat the drought

    • Meadow meadow grass - Barimpala

    • Specific Barenbrug tall fescue varieties

    • Deep roots are the way to success

    • Save on water and costs

    • Green Earth label - for sustainable maintenance

Report the drought:

Prolonged drought can seriously damage your turf. Water Saver prevents that problem. Where other grass plants dry out, Water Saver remains green. The Barenbrug Research varieties used in Water Saver excel in drought and heat tolerance.

Water Saver contains tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and meadow grass from Barenbrug. The Barenbrug meadow varieties are known for their recovering capacity (resilience) after a dry period. While other varieties fail in drought or heat, a variety like Barimpala will quickly turn green again.

Meadow grass - Barimpala has the most decisive role in Water Saver:

Veldbeemd has the most decisive role in Water Saver. The range of meadow grass varieties is very large. However, only the best varieties selected by Barenbrug Research for drought tolerance, winter hardiness and foot traffic tolerance are included in Water Saver. Barimpala is such a meadow meadow that performs well under dry conditions and shows an excellent winter performance.

Specific Barenbrug tall fescue varieties:

The specific Barenbrug tall fescue varieties provide very deep rooting, have a finer leaf texture and have a stronger drought tolerance than traditional tall fescue varieties. The proportion of perennial ryegrass in Water Saver also ensures rapid establishment and has been specifically selected for drought tolerance

The balanced combination of the best Barenbrug tall fescue, English meadow and field meadow varieties in Water Saver ensures excellent tolerance of drought and heat.

Deep Rooting the road to success:

Thanks to Water Saver's deep roots, the grass draws water from deeper layers. Regular grass plants root more shallowly and are only able to extract water from the top layer (top 10 to 15 cm). Extreme drought does not even have to occur and the plant will die. The tall fescue in Water Saver can root to a depth of more than 60 cm and stores water and nutrients (sugars) in its roots. So it builds up a buffer, as it were, for dry times. Veldbeemd ensures intensive growth in width. This creates an extensive network of underground shoots and roots.

Save on water and costs:

Thanks to the use of Water Saver, up to 70% of the total amount of irrigation water can be saved. With an average consumption of 200 liters of water per m² per month in Italy, this quickly results in a total reduction of 0.70 x 1,000 liters, which is 700 liters per m², in the growing season from May to October. This is 7,000 m³ per hectare. In euros, depending on the region, savings can amount to more than €15,000 per hectare.

Green Earth label - for sustainable maintenance:

Barenbrug not only wants to be a pioneer in the field of improving grasses. With its developments, Barenbrug also wants to contribute to a Green Earth where future generations can also enjoy recreation and sports. To give shape to this, the Green Earth quality label was created. This quality mark helps green managers with more sustainable use and management of grass through less use of water, fertilizers and pesticides and less mowing.

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